重阳节英语作文带翻译 怎么庆祝重阳节

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重阳节英语作文带翻译 怎么庆祝重阳节









In ancient times, people called the six Yin number, nine known as Yang number. September 9 this day, two together called"Double Ninth Festival", the day also called"festival for the elderly", is our country a long history of the festival.

After this afternoon, I and my clas**ates are on duty, 43 bus ride home. The car is very crowded, I can not easily find a seat, a bottom seat, you can have a good rest for a while.

However, the car just after a stop, there is a old man on the train, he probably slightly hunched, over sixty. I immediately thought to give seats to the old, but thought, he managed to sit down, let the pity.

How do ah? In the end is to let do not let? I think, as a young pioneer, if lets me not, then how to the front of my red scarf?? can't think, I must let. So I stood up and said:"Grandpa, you come to sit!" I saw my grandfather **iled, then slowly sat down, and said to me:"really good boy!".

Although I lost a seat for me to rest, but I got the words of praise and happy mood, which is how happy ah!

Care for the young is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation, we must continue to carry forward the spirit of this!








It's nice! Today is the double ninth festival, and the double ninth festival is also called seniors' day, so I decided to make a card for the people who love me most-- grandma.

First of all, I brought a green colored paper, from the middle folded in half and use scissors to cut half of peach heart, in the middle is not cut out, thus opening have stereo feeling, write"99" the double ninth festival, on peach heart title to write good, again on the Internet to check some of the double ninth festival bless, draw some shapes, write the message in the above, then cut some three-dimensional graphics paste on it, a greeting card is ready, carefully appreciate, still not bad!

Well,"everything is ready, only the east wind." Now I send the card to my grandmother. I and my mother get on the bus and set out to my grandmother's home. Along the way, I think it should how to sent to my grandmother, to her surprise, after to my grandma's, I hide the CARDS to her back, with a **ile to my grandmother said:"grandma, I made a **all gift for you today." Grandmother **iled and asked,"what is it?""Hao hao, is this your grandmother?" she asked."Of course," I said proudly.. Today my grandmother cooked me a rich meal.

I think, the elderly is the wealth of the society, had it not been for their labor, to create our happy life and a harmonious society, and our respect for the elderly is contained in the Chinese nation five thousand years of civilization, respect, love, support helpage traditional virtue, therefore, we must filial piety the old man, care for the elderly, this is the right thing to do.






In the golden autumn, we not only ushered in the Mid-Autumn festival, National Day, but also ushered in the double ninth festival.

As early as thousands of years, there was already respect for the old man's virtues. In modern times, we can see respect for old people on the street, such as"taking the old man across the road, on the bus, and seeing the old man give his seat to him...

The government, in an effort to get older people to spend their old age, has opened an old university for the elderly, which is free. This kind of school runs a lot of subjects! There are art, dance, drama, martial arts, Musical Instruments... They are full of thirst for knowledge, and they are not satisfied with the old, unyielding heart, like a schoolboy, savoring the book's"excellent taste".

On the day of the double ninth festival, grandma and grandpa went to climb mountains, drink chrysanthemum wine, and wear dogwood.

The double ninth festival, also known as the elderly people's day, is a traditional festival in China. Hope to have fun on the day of double ninth festival, remember to pray for the old people!







The 9th day of the 9th lunar month is the traditional Chongyang Festival, or Double Ninth Festival. It usually falls in October in the Gregorian calendar. In an ancient and mysterious book Yi Jing, or The Book of Changes, number"6" was thought to be of Yin character, meaning feminine or negative, while number"9" was thought to be Yang, meaning masculine or positive. So the number nine in both month and day create the Double Ninth Festival, or Chongyang Festival. Chong in Chinese means"double." Also, as double ninth was pronounced the same as the word to signify"forever", both are"Jiu Jiu," the Chinese ancestors considered it an auspicious day worth celebration. That's why ancient Chinese began to celebrate this festival long time ago.

The custom of ascending a height to avoid epidemics was passed down from long time ago. Therefore, the Double Ninth Festival is also called"Height Ascending Festival". The height people will reach is usually a mountain or a tower. Ancient literary figures have left many poems depicting the activity. Even today, people still swarm to famous or little known mountains on this day.




Chung Yeung Festival is coming, the teacher let us Sunday to help their grandfather, grandmother, grandfather, grandmother or some lonely old people do something, I began to act.

On Sunday, I got up early, and after I finished my work, I started thinking about who was helping me. Suddenly, my mother came up with a good idea. Mom said excitedly:"We can help next grandfather, grandmother sweep the stairs!" I immediately agreed with the mother's argument. I picked up the broom began to sweep the stairs, my mother said:"sweep the stairs when people want to stand above the sweep." I said according to my mother to do, finally swept the stairs clean. Mother carrying a bucket of water, I asked my mother do? Mother said:"After the sweep to wash the water was clean." So, my mother put a bucket of water sprinkled on the stairs, watching the water from the first step of the stairs rolled to the second order, from the second roll The third order...... like a waterfall, very beautiful.

In the afternoon, the water on the stairs, and I want next door grandfather, my grandmother saw, and my heart must be very happy, watching the sweep of the clean stairs, my heart there is a trace of sweet.














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In the cool autumn fruit fragrance. Today we are full of happy mood in the traditional festival of the Chinese nation jiujiu"the double ninth festival"

The elderly is an important part of social members, doyen of experience and wisdom is the precious wealth of our** village. Maybe, you have worked, the sweat of hard** the development of the village wrote numerous, sweet after the life song of praise. See today,** the development of the village, have you an indelible contribution. Today you although old, but you still play their respective advantages and make recommendations for the development of village of**. Upon your condensing the good qualities of the Chinese nation, is an example to the next generation of forever.

"The most beautiful sunset". Sincerely hope that old comrades live, learn, advancing with The Times, teaching. And wish the elderly family happiness, good health and prolong life of comrade, in an atmosphere of peace and harmony, a happy retirement life.





The double ninth festival in my 11 years old, my father and I went out for a walk back. In order to honor my father, I pick up a basin of water wash feet for dad.

"Ah, this is my dad's feet?". It was full of cocoon son and scar, appear the vicissitudes and aging, the scar listen to father said:"when a father to the countryside labor of that touch an injury; one is injured when dad as a soldier; another is in when the police catch bad guys bruised...". Look at these old scar can not help but recall my childhood memories: when I was ill, dad no matter the wind rain, picked up I rushed to the hospital; To go for a walk in the evening when dad behind my back alleys; When dad pick up my home to school.

Dad's a feet, was full of vicissitudes of life, carrying the history, it accompany me grow up, will accompany me to the future. The double ninth festival in my 11 years old, I'm not honor the father, through the wash feet, I also get great spiritual wealth.





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